The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is an organization that has been in existence since 1976.  We have as one of our central goals the promotion and continuation of research in the field of Analytical psychology.

Board of Directors

(View Analyst Members page for biographies and contact information)

President, Kathryn Kuisle

Vice President, Barbara Lane

Secretary, Nancy Ortenberg  

Treasurer, Margaret Dozier

Director of Training, Lara Newton

Associate Training Director, John Todd

Training Committee Member,  Catherine Givando Chissell

Director of Admissions, Christine Chao



Membership Committee: Chair, Puddi Kullberg

Members: Deborah Bryon, Linda Leonard 

Ethics Committee: Chair, Jeff Kiehl

Members: Nancy Furlotti, Kaitryn Wertz

Ethics Appeal Committee: Chair, Stewart Gabel

Members: Theresa-Anne Schmidt, Catherine Givando Chissell 

Temenos Committee: Barbara Lane, Christine Chao, candidate member: Sharon Barnes. 


Emeritus Board Members:

Glen Carson

Jean Carson