C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado

The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is an organization that has been in existence since 1976.  We have as one of our central goals the promotion and continuation of research in the field of Analytical psychology.

Admissions Policy

C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado Admissions Policy    

The C.G. Institute of Colorado conducts its applicant interviews each May. All applications should be received by the Director of Admissions by March 31, prior to interviews.
Prerequisites for applying for Candidacy include: 1) a minimum of 100 hours of Jungian analysis with a Jungian analyst who has membership in the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), 50% of which must be face-to-face, 50 % of which may have occurred by means of telecommunication; 2) the above 100 hours of analytic work must have taken place within the five years prior to the admission deadline; 3) participation in the Institute’s Study Group for at least one semester directly prior to and including the year in which application is made; 4) a minimum of a master's degree from an accredited institution; 5) the applicant meets the legal requirements for the practice of psychotherapy in the state or country in which he/she resides.
Criteria by which applications will be evaluated include: 1) psychological maturity; 2) a demonstration of knowledge in the field of psychology and psychotherapy; 3) resonance with Jungian psychology; 4) a capacity for symbolic thinking; 5) intellect, openness, honesty, and integrity of character; 6) an ability to communicate well, both interpersonally and in writing; 7) a capacity to experience empathy and compassion; 8) a calling to work as a Jungian analyst; 9) the motivation to complete the long course of Jungian analytic training. Feedback regarding applicants from analysts teaching Study Groups will also be integrated into the admissions process.
Materials to be sent to the Director of Admissions include:
2) Documentation from all of the applicant’s analysts in the last five years, listing inclusive dates of analysis, total number of hours of analysis, total number of face-to-face sessions and total number of telecommunication (phone, Skype) sessions
3) Complete original transcripts, sent directly by the educational institution and with its official seal, from all college and graduate institutions attended
4) An autobiography, approximately 3 pages in length
5) Applicants who have applied and been accepted or denied admission to another IAAP training program should supply this information; and applicants requesting to transfer from another IAAP training program should provide a letter demonstrating good standing in that program
6) An application fee of $450 ($100 non- refundable and $350 refundable if the individual withdraws from the admissions process one month before the scheduled interviews) made out to the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado
7) A notarized copy of the “Waiver for Prospective Students.”

Please direct all questions and requests, and send all application materials, to:
Chris Chao
Director of Admissions, C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado