C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado Cinderella: do you really know the story?


DATE:  WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2018cinderella
TIME: 6:30 – 8:30 PM
PLACE:   Conference Room B – lower level
at 1776 S. Jackson
FACILITATOR: Kathryn Kuisle
FEE: $25 in advance; $30 at the door

“Cinderella” is a fairy tale that has been told in various forms around the world for centuries. There are some 345 to 1,000 versions of the story, an indication that it conveys archetypal patterns and energy that escape time and place. It has depth that is often overlooked. In this class we will look at the archetypes in the tale as well as “shadow” aspects that loom large. The tale, rich in symbolism, addresses some basic complexes and gives hints at working with them for the Cinderella in each of us, male or female. If you are able, read some of the versions from various cultures that can be found online prior to the class. Do you really know the story?

Please reserve a space for this class by calling the C.G. Jung Institute
at 303-831-9209 or emailing Lara Newton at lmnewton@mac.com
You may mail a check to: C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado;
1776 S. Jackson #203; Denver, CO 80210