Fundamentals of Jungian Psychology Fall 2018

Fundamentals of Jungian Psychology Fall 2018

A class offered by the C. G. Jung Institute of Colorado


Jungian psychology connects us to the rich and mysterious inner world that our culture so often discounts. This class will look at that inner world and at the man who gave us a new way to approach its contents. Analysts of the Jung Institute of Colorado will lead discussions on some of the fundamental principles in Jungian psychology. This is an excellent opportunity to work with the members of the Jung Institute of Colorado, and the class is designed to be enjoyed by beginners as well as individuals who are “experienced” in Jungian studies.  The classes will be on Wednesdays.

Dates                                              Topics                                                                    Instructors

September 19                              Jung’s Map of the Psyche                                John  Todd

September 26                              Birth of the Ego                                                 Chris Chao

October 3                                      Persona and Shadow                                  Claudia Schmitt

October 10                                    Anima and Animus                                          Chris Chao

October 17                                     Ego-Self Axis                                                     Mark Palmer

October 24                                  Dream Interpretation                                        Lara Newton


TIME:     6:30 to 8:30 PM

PLACE:  Conference Room B – lower level at 1776 S. Jackson, Denver

FEE:       $130 if paid in full by September 18; $140 at the door

Individual classes are $25 apiece, which can be paid at the door.         

[Facilitators are subject to change without prior notice.]

Please register for this class by calling the C.G. Jung Institute at 303-831-9209

The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is a non-profit organization recognized by the International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP), the official accrediting body for Jungian analysts founded by Jung and headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.