C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado FALL  2020  STUDY GROUP IN JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY

C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado


An ongoing monthly seminar providing in-depth study of the substance of C.G. Jung’s work—the how and why of his ideas, as well as practical applications. Each semester, participants will meet for four or five sessions under the tutelage of diplomate Jungian analysts. A variety of subjects will be taught, including structure and dynamics of the psyche, complexes and psychopathology, dream interpretation, and archetypes of the collective unconscious. The seminar is open to training candidates of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado and to the general public. It is a prerequisite for application to the Analyst Training Program. Participants must have some background in Jungian psychology and be in analysis at least two hours a month with a diplomate Jungian analyst with membership in the International Association for Analytical Psychology. * **

WHEN: 9:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. with an hour lunch break.

Saturdays – Sept. 12, Oct. 3, Nov. 7, Dec. 5 (A “section 2” on the corresponding Sundays will open if Saturday classes are filled.)

WHERE: All Study Group meetings this semester will be on Zoom (unless notified of different location)

COST: $530 if full payment is postmarked by July 31st

Fall 2020 Study Group


After July 31st, $580. Tuition includes $100 non-refundable registration fee and must be paid in full by August 31st. You may pay the $100 fee in advance to hold your place. Tuition, less registration fee, refunded up to 10 days prior to first class. Return check charge:  $20.

Send checks payable to the C.G. Jung Institute of CO to: Jung Institute, 1776 S. Jackson # 203, Denver, CO 80210.

Limited class size. Early registration recommended.

For further information, email at jbtodd@comcast.net or call the C.G. Jung Institute 303-831-9209.

*The International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) is the internationally recognized body for credentialing Jungian analysts. The Analyst Training Program of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado is fully accredited by the IAAP. 

**Concurrent analysis may be waived if you have completed 100 hours with an IAAP analyst.


This season, we will take an in-depth look at some of the most important concepts in the Jungian world, seen through seminal works on Analytical Psychology, Psychic Energy, and the Transcendent Function.

  • September 12 – Claudia Schmitt, “Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology, Part I”
  • October 3 – Mark Palmer, “Basic Concepts of Analytical Psychology, Part II
  • November 7 – Grazia Di Giorgio, “On Psychic Energy”
  • December 5 – Nancy Ortenberg, “The Transcendent Function”

2 thoughts on “C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado FALL  2020  STUDY GROUP IN JUNGIAN PSYCHOLOGY

  1. Hello, this is the webmaster for the Institute. The Director of Training has tried to reach you via email without success. If you could please contact John Todd at 303-476-0110, he would be happy to answer your questions.

  2. I’m a retired internist, who originally decided to become an MD to then pursue becoming a Jungian analyst in the late 60’s. My career went in another direction, but with more time now I’ve recently begun extensive reading including Neumann, Progoff, and J Peterson.
    My Google search was to find Jung’s collective works (Bollinget), but ended at your site. This is fortuitous as I live in Erie.
    Covid19 has obviously disrupted everything, but I would much appreciate advice as to how I may connect with like minded people. I have always wanted to obtain Jung’s body of work. His ideas were profound to me in 1967 and remain so today – both as an individual and as an observer of collective culture.
    If could assist me in an introduction to the community I would be greatly appreciative.

    Gordon Wolfe Md

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