Seminar on Psyche, Symbol and Place


PrintWhy do we title our seminar a “marriage of true minds?”

Because the connection between our Colorado program and this little region in Italy is an intercontinental bond that “alters [not] when it alteration finds.” We have chosen this location because it is the home of our first intercontinental member and graduate, Grazia Di Giorgio. Our training program’s reach has spanned this distance of nearly 6,000 miles for several years, and we now travel to the region of Puglia to be enriched by its earth and air, to experience the place while exploring psyche. The region’s beauty and mythological draw will be explored and woven throughout the course of the seminar.

We will begin on Saturday, October 3, at noon, and will conclude on Friday morning, October 9, just after breakfast. We will explore themes of alchemy, the chakra system with emphasis on the fourth chakra, matter and spirit, as well as the history of Jungian psychology in Puglia. The seminar will include daily readings and reflections on fairy tales and legends from the region, as well as three excursions to historical sites.

… an ever-fixed mark

PrintOn our first evening, we will be welcomed into the world of Puglia by the first Jungian Analyst in this region, Giancarlo Magno. His lecture is titled, “Jung, Alchemy, and the Apulian Land: Different Alchemies in Context.” Giancarlo’s presentation will be spoken in Italian and translated by Grazia Di Giorgio, and this will be our initial grounding in the region where we will be spending the week; its rich mythic energy will unfold as we sink into the experience, body and soul.

…the star to every wandering bark

For a full two days of the seminar, Jungian Analyst Charles Zeltzer will share with us his work with the ancient chakra system, focusing on the fourth chakra. His work is grounded in both personal experience of the heart and exploration of sacred spaces in India. Charles’s presentations will take us into the depths of the individuation experience, to the moment of encounter with the Self, the divine element in human experience. Throughout the presentations he will illustrate how India utilizes outer space to reflect inner development and religious attitude.

…whose worth’s unknown

For one day of the seminar, Jungian Analyst Lara Newton will take us into the world of Maria Prophetissa, the first non-fictitious alchemist in the Western World. We will look at Maria through some of her prophetic proclamations and through her inventions or devices. Lara has personally experienced Maria as a guide into deeper understanding of the relationship between matter and spirit, and during a half day workshop later in the seminar she will focus on this theme. The mysterious connections between matter and spirit will be seen through the lens of our themes – psyche, symbol and place.

…love’s not Time’s fool

matera-italy-9-933x700During the course of the seminar, we will take three excursions to local sites of archaeological and cultural interest. One full day trip will be to Matera, the 2019 European Capitol of Culture, best known for its extensive cave-dwelling districts, the “Sassi.” In Matera, we will visit the museums and wander through the ancient city, which shows evidence of continuous human occupation through several millennia until the present day, and is harmoniously integrated into the natural terrain and ecosystem. In a half-day trip, we will visit the ravine of S. Marco in Massafra, which is also the site of the alchemist Mago Greguro’s dwelling. The ravine is lined with grottoes dating mainly from the ninth to the fourteenth centuries, many of which contain cave churches hewn out of the rock by Greek monks and decorated with lavish frescoes. In an evening excursion with torchlights, we will visit the Park of the Rupestrian Churches, rock formations dating back as far as the Paleolithic Era.

…Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks, But bears it out even to the edge of doom

Most mornings and evenings, we will sink into our own personal experiences of psyche through active imagination, meditation, and fairy tale/mythology reflections. The tales will be taken from the region and from the specific themes that the program is exploring, and the reflective time is meant to encourage all of us to deepen our experiences of the imaginal life that are unfolding during this week. Lara and Grazia will alternately accompany us in these experiences.

brochure4.jpgAnd let us not admit impediments…

to the wonderful offerings of our hosts at Dimora Casanoja, who will be leading us in cheese and pasta making experiences prior to two of our meals, and will be providing us with the delights of the regional harvest, meals cooked around the hearth, their own local spa, and many more offerings of this region.