C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado: Statement on Racial Crisis May 31, 2020

Erel Shalit Carlsberg Foundation Research Fellowship in Behavioural Neuroscience

1/29/2020 – The Queen’s College is delighted to announce the creation and endowment of the Erel Shalit Carlsberg Foundation Research Fellowship in Behavioural Neuroscience thanks to a generous £2m gift from the Pettit Foundation (USA) and the Carlsberg Foundation (Denmark).

Interdisciplinary neuroscientific endeavours, encompassing the humanities, philosophy, social science, psychology, mathematics, and related disciplines, are at the core of recent and profound advances in understanding human behaviour. Future advances will require support for research at the highest levels of academic rigour, while bringing together scholars and scientists from many adjacent disciplines in order to exchange and develop new insights into human behaviour.

The Queen’s College, the Pettit Foundation, and the Carlsberg Foundation are committed to working together to support and grow this important area of interrelated, interdisciplinary research and are pleased to announce that Professor Morten Kringelbach will take up the post of the Erel Shalit Carlsberg Foundation Senior Research Fellow from 29 January 2020.

Sixth Annual Conference – May 31- June 1, 2019    


“A Lecture in Memory of Erel Shalit” presented by Nancy Furlotti

“Watching and Waiting in the Wanderings of Life” presented by Kathryn Kuisle

“Living the Imaginal Life” (open to registered guests) presented by Lara Newton and Jeff Raff

“Approaching Death, the Final Chapter. Dreams of a 92 years old woman” presented by Kornelia Grabinska

“To Whom do You Pray, Cross Cultural Change from a Jungian Perspective, a Study of Zulu Healers, Traditional Isangomas and A.I.C. Prophets” presented by Margaret Johnson

Fifth Annual Conference – June 1-2, 2018    


Keynote Address: “Guardians at the Gate: I Have to But I Can’t”  presented by Cindy Smock 

“Encounters with the Animal Soul: A Voice of Hope for our Precarious World” presented by Nancy Swift Furlotti

“The Redemption of the Feminine: A Study on the Archetypal Image of Mary’s Assumption as a Healing Symbol in Times of Crisis”  presented by Grazia Di Giorgio

“Images on the Journey of Individuation: A Handcar Woman, a Cairn and a Fairy Tale”       presented by Claudia Schmitt

James Glenn Carlson, March 30, 1924 – August 2, 2016f87ab9c724b84fc5a1856ced4a73a819

On Tuesday, August 2nd we lost a dear friend and valued member of the CGJIC community, Emeritus member, Glenn Carlson.

Click here to read a brief memorial of his life.


Fourth Annual Conference – June 1-3, 2017


Keynote Address:  INTERESTING TIMES presented by Jeff Raff

 “My Story – As Far As I Can Tell”   presented by Mark Palmer

“The Alchemical Yellow in Dreams and Image”  presented by Nancy Ortenberg

Intersecting Stories: A Jungian Musing on Mixed Race, Ethnicity and Religion presented by Christine Chao

The Tree-of-Life and the Wonder-Working Plant presented by Ronda Martin

Seismic Political Shifts: A Panel Addressing Our Country’s Rapidly Changing Political Landscape and Its Effect on the Psyche   presented with open discussion by John Todd & Laurel Howe


Third Annual Conference – June 3-4, 2016     


Psyche and Reflections on Mortality A Panel with Bernice Hill, Jeff Raff, Linda Leonard and Deborah Bryon

Healing the Split with our Sacred World  (Plenary Address)  Presenter:  Jeff Kiehl

A Candle for Medusa  Presenter:  Margaret Dozier

The Cave Presenter:  Claudia Schmitt

The Maiden and the Devil – Feminine Development Against All Odds  Presenter:  Lara Newton

Sandplay and the Alchemical Imagination  Presenter:  Laurel Howe


libraryJuly 25/26, 2015 – CGJIC Library Pop-Up Exhibit: The Professional Library of the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado


To commemorate C.G. Jung’s 140th birthday, the CGJIC hosted a special library exhibit and “Remembering Jung- documentary film excerpts and discussion”.

Click here to see details on the library exhibit.

Click here to read about the films and discussion.


Second Annual Conference – June 5-6, 2015       


Alchemy in our Practices and in our Lives  A panel with Margaret Johnson, Jeff Kiehl, Lara Newton and Jeff Raff

Jung-Neumann Letters   (Plenary Address)   Presenter:  Nancy Furlotti

Images of Individuation Presenter:  Nancy Ortenberg

Hidden in Plain Sight  Presenter:  Grazia Di Giorgio

The Evolution of Archetypal Forms in Western Civilization  Presenter:   Jeffrey Kiehl

Shadow of the Bat  Presenter:   John Todd

The Owl, the Goddess, and the Psyche  Presenter:  Mark Palmer


First Annual Conference  – June 6-7, 2014


What is Jungian Analysis? A Panel with Nancy Furlotti, Bernice Hill, John Todd, and Jeff Kiehl

The Annunciation Its Symbolism and Transcendence  Presenter: Kathryn Kuisle

Psychology and History:  A New Look   (Plenary Address) Presenter:  Jeff Raff

Borderlands of the Psyche:  Multiple Perspectives on How Culture and Country Meet Jungian Psychology  Presenters:  Lourdes Albarran, Christine M. Chao, Grazia DiGiorgio

I Saw a Whooping Crane, Crowned in Crimson Presenter:  Judith Slimmon

Face–to–Face with the Absolute: The Binding of Isaac and the Archetype of the Patriarch Presenter:  Mark Palmer

The Eye of the Camera, Synchronicity and Constructed Reality  Presenter:  Stephen Witty


August 27, 2013 – CGJIC Ratification

During the recent X1X International Association for Analytical Psychology (IAAP) Congress in Copenhagen, The C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado (CGJIC) was formally ratified. This is a process in which delegates from all of the Jungian Training Programs around the world vote. We won a stunning 280 out of 301 affirmations (93% of the delegates). The event that we have been contemplating for decades, and tirelessly working toward for the past three years, has finally come to fruition, and the Jung Institute members want to share this news with our community, near and far, known and unknown! Click here to read more.