Waiver for Prospective Trainees


I do herewith pledge to the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado and to the public at large that I will not use any wording regarding my professional identity that will infringe on the legally defined field of psychotherapeutic or medical practice. I also understand that I am not to imply that I have a legal position to practice analytical psychology or Jungian analysis if there is any possibility that I may be infringing on any law related to the practice of psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, counseling, or any other mental health professional.

I hereby acknowledge that if the C.G. Jung Institute of Colorado grants me a diploma, such diploma confers no legal right to practice as a psychotherapist. Arrangement for legal practice is my own responsibility.

It is my understanding that if I present myself publicly or privately by any title that infringes on the legally defined psychotherapeutic profession, such action will mean expulsion from the training program; or if graduated and a member of the Institute, such action will mean expulsion from the Institute and recommendation to the International Association for Analytical Psychology for expulsion from said organization. Such expulsion will be implemented through review by the Ethics Committee and ratified by two thirds vote of the Institute.

As consideration for the provision of me of training by the Institute, I agree to indemnify the Institute, it’s incorporators, officers, members, directors, agents, and employees for and hold them harmless from and against any and all liability, losses, damages, costs, expenses (including reasonable attorney’s fees) causes of action, suits, claims, demands, and judgments of any nature or form incurred by or on behalf of the Institute, its incorporators, officers, members, directors, agents, and employees, arising in any manner in connection with my practice of counseling, psychology, psychotherapy, psychiatry, analysis, or other related activity while I am

a training candidate. Upon notice from the Institute, I agree to defend the Institute, it’s incorporators, officers, members, directors, agents, and employees in any action or proceeding brought in connection with the activities described in this paragraph.

I certify that I have read the training regulations published by the Institute and agree to accept and abide by the terms of training of the training program outlined in the training regulations. I understand that by the Institute continuing my status in the training program, the Institute does not guarantee or promise either expressly or impliedly, that the Institute will pass me from any stage of trading to another or that it will ever confer a diploma upon me. I also understand that the Institute may expel me from the training program at any time and for any reason that the Institute considers appropriate. I agree, as a condition of continuation in the training program, that I will forgo any legal claim against the Institute arising from any action that the Institute may take with respect to my training or my continued participation in the training program; however, that nothing in this sentence shall preclude me from the right to appeal decisions of the committees or boards of the Institute as outlined in the training regulations of the Institute.